Gratefulness Externalized

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day here in the US and everyone (myself included) is talking about being grateful – ’tis the season, right? I’ve written about practicing gratefulness. I’ve written about experiencing gratefulness. Now we’re going to the next level yet, taking it outside of ourselves. Let’s externalize our gratefulness – and yes, that’s a fancy way of saying, “Let the people around you know you’re grateful… Read more →

Green-Certified Art

As I continue each day to incorporate new sustainable actions into my everyday life and work, my mind is constantly working out how my actions can be shared with my community, spread out into the world. Recently I urged you to watch “The Story of Stuff” by Annie Leonard. She recently created a followup to this original video, titled “The Story… Read more →

Sharing The Love

The Sobering Thought Recently a friend of mine posted a sober reminder on Facebook. In hearing everyone speak of all the upcoming love and joy and closeness, she implored us all to consider that not everyone has that to look forward to this holiday season. She pointed out that there are people around us who may have lost loved ones… Read more →

Merging eco-art with togetherness

As I continue to look forward to next week’s dinner, I am caught up thinking about the many ways we make a point to share our thankfulness together with those we share our dinner with. There are many traditions around the holiday dating back from the first one on record, which originated from even further back. It has always included a celebration of gratefulness… Read more →

Reduce, Reuse… Reconsider?

1. Reduce First things first, how often are you at the store (or surfing online shops) and just think, “Ooh. I’d like one of those!” and within minutes, it’s purchased without much more thought. A huge part of eliminating the huge landfills on our planet is to first ask yourself whether this thing is really something you need, something that… Read more →

Crap to Creation

Alright, you caught me. I was avoiding the overused title “Trash to Treasure”. You may or may not know that I create upcycled art: Art created from reclaimed materials. I take items that are no longer wanted and create something new and fresh out of them. My favorite medium is textiles, fabrics. Old shirts, pants, curtains, sheets, socks… you name… Read more →